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K23 - Linear System for Springs and Disc-tumblers Assembling on Rotors

It involves a linear system designed for the automatic assembling of springs and disc-tumblers on rotors, on only one side or on both sides of the same rotor. 

The machine consists of a stout basement on which are positioned the pallet runways and the relevant recovery conveyor.

On each single pallet are manually positioned the rotor and relevant keys. One of this key is placed on its final position and arranged for the eventual automatic bitting code reading.

Each single pallet,complete of rotor and key, is then automatically transferred on the different working stations.

The listed below operations are so sequentially carried out: deburring of disc-tumbler seats on rotors, feeding and introduction of springs into the different seats. Disc-tumbler configurations are so prepared and then automatically inserted on rotor seats. Following above operation, both springs and disc-tumblers are inserted on the opposite rotor seats, in sequence.

Finally it’s automatically inserted the key on the rotor and each single rotors, complete of key, is unloaded into suitable bins, with separation between good pieces and recoverable and scrap pieces.

Additional Info

  • Technical Specifications:

    Installed power: KW 8.
    Sizes: 3200x1000x1900 mm.
    Weight: Kg 2000
    Hourly production: 400 ÷ 650 pcs


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