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K12 - Rotor Broaching Machine

K12 system is an automatic system for the key profile broaching on cylinder and padlocks rotors.

The cycle of the machine consist in the automatic or hand feeding of rotors on the rotors holder pallets.

Pin –tumblers holes have previously been oriented and positioned.

During the continuous rotors-holder pallets translation, the broaching is carried out by means of broaching tools.

These tools are part of special equipment witch can be easily substituted and adjusted on X-Y-Z

Cooling oil use would be suggested.

Additional Info

  • Technical Specifications:

    Installed power: Kw 4,5 
    Sizes: 3000x1300x1800
    Weight: kg 3300
    Max tool lenght: 1800 mm
    Working accuracy: +- 0,02 mm
    Number of pallets: 16
    Hourly production: 2200 pieces


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