Keys Machinery

K11 - Profile Milling Machine

The machine is built on a stout basement in electro-welded steel with the stabilizing treatment. 

All movements concerning the kinematic parts that handle the key are performed by means of a camme, with accelerations that have been studied on purpose. 

The motorisation of the different kinematic parts is carried out by means of an electric motor direct coupled to a speed variator.

The mills motorisation is carried out by means of electric motors having double polarity and belt drive.

The machine is provided with a speed tool adjusting for controlling and setting the spindle revolution number as well as the production speed.

Additional Info

  • Technical Specifications:

    Installed power: KW 2,5
    Sizes: 980x950x1785 mm.
    Weight: Kg 785
    Tools: mills with shaped profile
    Material: hard metal/HSS steel
    Mills diameter: Ø 36 - Ø 40
    Working accuracy: ±0,02 mm
    Max. profile length: 43 mm (32 Std).
    Hourly production: Max 2200 keys in hard metal and brass keys
    Cooling tank by lubricating oil
    Alimentazione au to matica
    Scarico automatico truciolo.
    Scarico automatico con im pi la to re
    Automatc feeding unit
    Chips automatic unloading
    Automatic unloading with stacker


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