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K10 SK - Keys Bitting Machine

K10SK system is an automatic working centre executing different types of bitting (dimple bitting, snake bitting...).

Bitting operation is executed by means of an electro-spindle fitted on a 3 axis head, managed by CN and keys are automatically fed into a clamp fixed on a rotating axis. The electrospindle operates in horizontal position in order to allow chips removal. This system has a very high operating flexibility with the possibility to make different types of bitting on all sides of the key. The system can be supplied also with optional operations such as marking unit, brushing unit, ringing unit and unloading into boxes.


The machine is supplied with an integrated Industrial PC and an LC panel for an easy use by the operator.

Along with the software package, the machine is supplied with personalized program that allows to generate and file the bitting codes for each product.

Additional Info

  • Technical Specifications:

    Installed power: KW 4,5.
    Dimensions: 1600x2100x2000 mm.
    Weight: Kg 1500.
    Milling tools material: hard metal.
    Milling tool diam.: 3 mm.
    Working accuracy: ± 0,01. mm
    Hourly production: 450 pcs with 5 bits on two sides of the key for dimple bitting


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