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K10 S - Key Bitting Machine

K10 S system is an automatic working centre for the key bitting operation (on one side), that allows to the operator to work in a sophisticated production logic. This system can be integrated with other operations such as two automatic feeding unit, one with vertical stick and another one with bow feeder, marking unit , deburring unit, broaching, brushing, ringing and unloading in separate boxes.


The machine is supplied with an industrial PC and integrated control board easy to use for the operator.

Machine production logic is organised by means of a sophisticated software able to communicate with main ERP systems. It is possible to insert into the system different orders and to customize every single order with the number of keys to realize and how to realize it (way of marking, way of bitting, way of ringing, unloading in separate boxes ecc..)


Additional Info

  • Technical Specifications:

    Installed power: KW 5,5.
    Sizes: 1600x2800x2000 mm.
    Weight: Kg 1350.
    Tools: mills with shaped profile
    Material: hard metal/HSS steel 
    Mills diam.: 130 mm.
    Working accuracy: ± 0,02. mm
    Hourly production with brass keys having 5 pitches and 5 depths:
    - 1400 keys with standard bitting.
    - 1450 keys with correct bitting.
    - 1600 keys with ideal bitting.


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