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K07 - Bitting Machine for Dimple Keys

K07 is an automatic system for the key back rounding, broaching, miling, bitting, marking and ringing of flat keys.

The system is linearly developped to allow the adaptation of the system configuration to the user requests. In addition to that, the configurated system involves on the worked piece high repeatability, high flexibility, modularity and allows the tools replacement in a minimum lapse of time. All the system is controlled by PLC and CN. By means of a specific software are executed and controlled all the handling functions and the second level diagnostic operations, as well as the bitting codes management.

Additional Info

  • Technical Specifications:

    Installed power: KW 6.
    Sizes: 3350x1900x2100 mm.
    Weight: Kg 2800.
    Tools: Hard metal
    Working accuracy: ± 0,02 mm.
    Hourly production 300 ÷ 700 keys


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